Canteen Opening on Tues. October 2nd

Due to the hot lunch program on Monday, Oct. 1st, the canteen will not open until Tuesday, Oct. 2nd.

Items include a variety of frozen meals, pizza, pudding, popcorn- popped and not popped, juice, and other drinks and baked chips on occasion. Range in price from 0.75 to 4.25 for the meals. Full Menu to be displayed next week.


Canteen will open October 2nd

Our new canteen will be opening on Monday, October 2nd

At this time the following products will be for sale:

Meals . $4.00

Fettuccine Alfredo
Shephard’s Pie
Chicken Pad Thai Bowl

Deep Dish Pizzas . $2.50

Popcorn $1.00
Pudding $1.00
Baked Chips $1.50
Beef Jerkey $2.00
Apple Blossom $2.50
Cherry Blossom $2.50

If students do not have the money they will not be able to charge it.