Clearview is a K-9 rural school located 30 minutes northeast (close to the Alberta border) from the thriving community of Fort St. John. The economy of the area is based mainly on farming, the gas/oil industry, and some logging. The school is nestled on top of a hill that provides a clear view of the rolling hills and vast sky.

Of our student population of 144 students, fifteen percent are First Nations students. Clearview has a staffing compliment of 9 teachers and 7 support staff(secretary, education assistants, aboriginal support worker), as well a principal, and part time librarian/technologist and Learning Assistance teacher. Our school enjoys itinerant access to a range of services supporting areas such as Inclusion ESL, Self Regulation and Aboriginal Support.

Some themes that characterize our school are a commitment to developing numeracy and literacy skills, collaborative planning, and developing technological proficiency in our students. We have an active Parent Advisory Committee and a supportive parent community. Three of the areas our school will be focusing on are developing the reading, writing and math skills of our students.

Some exciting dimensions of our school make it a wonderful place to work. We have an indoor ice arena located right next to our school that is used frequently in the fall, winter, and spring by both the school and community. We have excellent access to computer technology as well as professional development support for teachers at the school and district levels. Teacher housing is available for a low monthly rent.

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