Community Pitch-In on Thursday, May 23rd

Our pitch-in is being sponsored by the city of Fort St. John so we will be participating like most of the other schools.  We will be doing the pitch-in on Thursday, May 23rd from 10:50-11:30ish.  If you are able to come and join us please let me know. We will not be doing the 20km along the highway this year but the whole area around our school, ditches, and arena area.

Bring gloves and wear layers of clothing, sunscreen, bug spray….

Only at Clearview….

The students were able to see and participate in the skinning of a beaver with our ASSW. This was an optional activity as not all students wanted to join in. As you can tell, Coy enjoyed the experience and was an excellent helper.

We were treated to 8 amazing speeches at our school speech contest on Wednesday afternoon.  We were pleased to have Mrs. Maloney- Past President of Toastmasters and Mrs. Holland- Retired Principal and experienced speech judge to come to Clearview to judge for us.  Due to the outstanding speeches they had a very difficult job.

Congratulations to all 8 speakers

Emersyn Cooper- Scuba Diving, Arlee Newsham- Broccoli, Carter Bahm- Hockey, Lindsay Esau- My Broken Arm, Katelynn Bueckert- Life with Sheep, Hayley Copes- Life in a Family of 6, Ava Johnson- Best Vacation, Staysha Hiebert- Provincials in Comox

Special Congratulations to our top 3:

Lindsay, Staysha, and Hayley as they will be representing us at the district speech competition next week.


Mother’s Day Tea!

We were pleased to see so many Moms and Grandmas at our tea yesterday afternoon! Thank you to those students who helped to greet, serve, prepare the cake, and those that helped to wash the dishes.  It was definitely a group effort.  Thank you to Mrs. Viens and to Mrs. Clay for your hard work and for Mrs. Armstrong for organizing some of the key elements even while away.



Build, Repair, and Create!

The secondary students are busy building, trying to repair old machinery, and learning some fundamentals of sewing.  They are hard at work.

Wednesday May 22 – Dancing in the Early Years Educator’s Workshop

The following is some information regarding this workshop.

Wednesday, May 22 @ 6PM
North Peace Cultural Centre

$20 per person (16 & older)
Perfect for educators, artists, dance/music/theatre teachers, parents, program coordinators
Participants are invited to dress with comfortable clothes for moving, a water bottle and a note book.

This workshop is for educators, parents or artists of various disciplines working with the very young to explore benefits and strategies for more dance in their curriculum. The workshop starts with a conversation and exchange on the topic of dance in the early years to assess the needs of the group and create a community of peers. We will explore Foolish Operations’ strategies for relationship-based dance exercises that respond to children’s attachment needs and respects the physical developmental stages of children in the early years. The workshop will close with self-care relaxing movement exercises. Julie Lebel graduated with a B.F.A. in Dance and is a choreographer specializing in community engaged arts and dance in the early years.

Please contact Oliver at NPCC
(250) 785-1992