• Amazing Moccasin Beading

    The girls have been working hard to make a pair of moccasins.  The beading is elaborate and time consuming and the girls are working very hard.  Thank you to Cheryl for providing this opportunity for the students.

  • Literacy Fun!

    We will be celebrating literacy day tomorrow afternoon with a fun read and feed.  Students will be provided with a glass of chocolate milk and a cookie, while they are read to and then they will have an opportunity to read a variety of different books.

  • Unplugged Coding

    Thank you to Mrs. Petrucci for all of her help showing us unplugged coding in all of the classes today.  The students had so much fun!

  • Exciting Morning!

    Wow it has been a great start to our day, as Sigmund has been sharing so many powerful stories, mixed with great music, and creative videos.  The students are completely engaged!
    Reminder of the parent/child evening on Tuesday,

  • 2 Week Reading Challenge Begins Today- New Format

    Hi Everyone,
    The students will be participating in a reading challenge for the next two weeks.  This challenge will be different because each day they read for a minimum of 15 minutes they will earn kilometres.

  • Welcome Back! Sigmund will be here Thursday, Jan. 10

    We have a busy month ahead of us.  We are excited to have author Sigmund Brouwer here on this Thursday and he will be sharing his Rock and Roll Literacy presentation to the whole school at 8:45am.