• Yearbook Orders Due

    Just a reminder that if you are ordering a year book please have the order form to the office by Monday, June 3rd.

  • We biked an impressive 1654km

    Thank you to all those who participated in, or who helped students to participate. We had 44 students and 8 staff members participating in the bike to school/work week and we accumulated 1654km!  Between the wind,

  • Wow!

    The staff and students have biked just over 997km half way through the week.  This is an impressive start!  Congratulations to Miss Kundrik who biked the 50 km to FSJ after work in the heat yesterday and to Mrs.

  • New Seating

    Many of our students are enjoying surf portable lap desks!

  • More than 500km of biking on Monday

    We are off to a great start with our biking to school.  Thank you to Constable Neustaeter who came out to support our initial bike to school day.  We had 7 staff members, 23 students and 1 parent that logged just over 500km.

  • Thank You for a Successful Pitch-In

    Thank you to the city for donating bags and gloves, to the students and staff for cleaning up the school and surrounding community, and to the PAC for their donation of freezies.  When everyone works together it makes the workload easy.

  • Community Pitch-In on Thursday, May 23rd

    Our pitch-in is being sponsored by the city of Fort St. John so we will be participating like most of the other schools.  We will be doing the pitch-in on Thursday, May 23rd from 10:50-11:30ish.

  • Only at Clearview….

    The students were able to see and participate in the skinning of a beaver with our ASSW. This was an optional activity as not all students wanted to join in. As you can tell, Coy enjoyed the experience and was an excellent helper.

  • Learning Hand Games

    Our grade 5/6 class was learning how to play indigenous hand games this morning.  It looked like fun.

  • Making a Drum

    Three of our students are taking part in a drumming session and are making their own drums now.  Below is Drayden making his drum.