• Clearview has talent!

    It was a fun afternoon with the staff and students showing off some of their skills.  We had dancing, rapping, singing, gymnastics, music, and comedy!  Thank you to all of the students who challenged themselves to get up in front of their peers to show off their talents.

  • Sports/Fun Day on Wednesday

    We are glad that the weather has cooled off a bit but it looks like we will need to be creative for our sports day on Wednesday, if the forecast is true.  We will let you know our plans closer to Wednesday.

  • Talent Show at 1pm Tomorrow

    We are looking forward to our talent show tomorrow.  As this is the first one in awhile it will be just a small one.  Parents are welcome to attend.

  • Challenging Run

    Shaelyn challenged herself to complete a 10km run on Friday morning and completed it in only 61minutes.  Well done, Shaelyn you are inspiring!

  • More Impressive Art

    Our grade 8 students completed some amazing paintings on canvases this term.

  • Amazing Tile Art

    Mrs. Viens and the grade 9 students worked hard to create some amazing tiles for our school. I’ve added Kylie’s and Tommy’s tiles.  Thank you Mrs. Viens for helping our students create such amazing art!

  • Track and Field Success

    The students worked hard on Friday and did very well at the District Track Meet, winning the Grant Spelsberg award (due to the limited number of students to pull from).  Overall they placed 4th amongst all of the schools which is incredible.

  • Talent Show/Sports Day/Awards Day

    We are excited to offer a talent show at 1:00pm on Tuesday, June 26th, the all day sports/fun day on Wednesday, June 27th and our awards day on Thursday, June 28th beginning around 9:30am after our pancake breakfast.