• It was an ‘AMAZING RACE’ this Morning

    Thank you to the leadership group under the guidance of Mrs. Viens for their awesome Amazing Race that they created for the secondary students this morning. The leadership group, Parker, Isabel, Livia, Brenna, Dalton, Tamara, Kaydence,

  • The Magnificent Things

    The students had a lot of fun making their most magnificent things!  Thank you to Mrs. Clay for spearheading this project.

  • Growing Beans

    The kindergarten students were thrilled to see the bean sprouts and the beans that were growing on their vines.

  • Amazing Art Work!

    We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Viens as she does an incredible job preparing the students and mentoring them through the process of painting.
    Grade 9 Students with their creative tiles which are now in the ceiling so look for them when you come to the school next week.

  • How are Trees Helpful?

    The Grade 1/2 class was learning all about the benefits of planting trees.  They presented their information well and will be planting some seedlings in our school yard soon.  We are looking forward to your contribution to our school grounds,

  • Indigenous Games and Activities

    We had an excellent afternoon learning about the indigenous culture last Thursday. Bannock making, drumming, dancing, learning about plants, skins, snares, and traps, playing lacrosse, and hand games, and making tile art.  It was a full afternoon organized by Mrs.

  • Drummers

    We are proud of all of the drummers, especially our Clearview boys, Jesus, Deigan, and Drayden.

  • Twin Day

    It is neat to see so many twins and triplets 🙂