• Biking to Work/School Week

    It has been a good start to bike to work/school week in spite of the challenging weather and the distances we live from the school.
    We have already accumulated over 250 km!  Well done Clearview!

  • Smoothies will be on sale this Week/ Canteen winding down

    The canteen will be offering smoothies on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  In addition, the canteen still has quite a bit of stock so will run this week and possibly a few days next week.  Once the supplies are finished the canteen will be closed until October 2018.

  • Learning Happening at Renaissance Fair

    The students were treated to an amazing opportunity to explore some renaissance activities throughout the morning.  They were unable to finish due to the length of the activities.  They are busy finishing this morning.

  • Summer Learning Camps

    Here is a great opportunity!


    The Key Learning Centre is once again offering summer learning to students entering Grades 1 – 9 in September 2018. Camps will only run if a minimum number of students are registered in order to make the camp viable to run.

  • Track and Field Support

    If anyone is able to help prepare the district track and field for the district track meet please help out.

  • Extra Track and Field Practices

    The students are training hard for the district track meet.  We have after school practice available for any track students that would like to stay and train independently.  We do have a supervisor than can help but the students must be motivated to train,

  • 2nd Place at Speech Contest!

    Congratulations to Lindsay, Chase, and Hayley on earning 2nd place in the district speech contest!  Well done team and special congratulations on Lindsay for earning 2nd place for her speech on glasses.
    I know that the students practiced hard and represented us well!

  • We are so lucky to have such a great PAC!!!

    Thank you to everyone who supports our PAC fundraising because they have been working hard this year to support our school.  They have helped with a number of events:
    Open House, Dog Sledding, Christmas Hampers,

  • Elanor Soars at Zones

    Congratulations to Elanor Copes on taking 1st place in long jump and the 400m and 2nd place in the 100m and 200m races at Zones in Prince George.  With her 4 medals she managed to put Clearview into 4th place for schools.