• Ready, Set, Learn Success

    We had 15-20 students attend our weekly ready, set, learn events!  Thank you to Mrs. Esau for running such an excellent program.  The parents and participants learned a lot while playing.  

  • Mother’s Day Tea

    It was wonderful to see so many Moms and Grandmas join us for the annual Mother’s Day tea.  We served just over 100 people that day.  Thanks to Mrs. Armstrong for organizing and decorating for […]

  • Bike to School Week May 28-June 3rd

    I have been challenged to bike to school that week and although I cannot bike from FSJ I will bike from one of our staff member’s house that is 10km away.  I will be biking […]

  • SPCA Fundraiser

    Two former students brought us an SPCA fundraising opportunity.  They spoke with the students about the importance of giving back to your community.  They have left a box for students to donate toys, food, or […]

  • Amazing Speeches Presented

    Simply amazing how well our students did presenting their speeches this morning.  All 8 participants spoke well and were passionate about their topics.  Thank you to Mrs. Maloney and to Mrs. Holland for coming to […]

  • Serve, Rally, Smash

    It was great to have Upper Pine secondary students here to play some badminton with our secondary students.  It was a full day of badminton in the arena and the gym.  The students had a […]