• Awards Day- June 24th 2021

    We have so many amazing students at Clearview it was difficult to choose some of the winners. In fact we had 3 ties for the major awards. We were able to honour our top secondary students at our year end assembly and our kindergarten students.

  • Do you know the history of Clearview School?

    Thank you to Vivian who has spent a great deal of time and energy creating this amazing resource and tribute to Clearview school. Read the stories from past administrators, bus drivers, teachers, and custodians and look at the pictures of the students and buildings throughout the years.

  • Disappointing- Flag Stolen

    Last night our school Canadian flag was stolen and our playground equipment thrown around the parking lot. Please help to keep our community a safe and respectful place to be.

  • Not the Nicest Day but a fun track and field day

    We were lucky to have our intermediate students in one cohort and the secondary students in a second cohort so we were able to have a mini track and field day. Below are some of the intermediate winners with some pretty big smiles.

  • Talented Artists

    We have so many talented artists in our school! It is great to see their work hanging on the walls and in the classrooms. Here is a small sample.

  • Discovering Electricity

    The students enjoyed learning how to create both parallel and series circuits and to build with electricity.