Amazing Reading Challenge Results

92% of our elementary students and 43% of our secondary students participated in the reading challenge this month and accumulated thousands of minutes of reading. Congratulations to Miss Davis’ class as they won the pizza party on Tuesday, Oct. 29th for their whole class.

All students benefitted from increasing their reading fluency, establishing homework time, and enjoying some stories. Thank you for supporting your children with this endeavor.

The top three individual winners from each class are:

Room 202 Emma-Sue, Shaye, and Tyson

Room 201 Terrance, Grace and Lily, and Camden,

Room 101 Avery, Paige, and Corben,

Room 102 Charlie, Alysha, and Lucas,

Room 104 James and Philip, Katelynn, and Kayla,

Room 204 Raelle, Kayce, and Rebecca,

Room 205 Tayla-Marie, Tal, and Teneah