Congratulations Clearview on Winning the SD 60 Badminton Tournament!

It has been an exciting year for Clearview as they took 1st place in the SD 60 Badminton tournament.  This is a first for Clearview as they have not won this big trophy before because they have to compete with much larger schools.  It is an impressive win when you consider that there are only 45 intermediate students from which to make up the 20 player team from Clearview.  Although we didn’t win 1st place ribbons in any event we played very well as a team with many teams winning multiple games and making it into the final 8 or 16 teams in each event.

Special congratulations to:

Staysha who took 2nd place in the girl’s singles event

Nick and Jade who took 2nd in the the boy’s doubles event

Raelle and Cameron who took 3rd in the mixed doubles event