Elementary Basketball Season


It is time for the Elementary Basketball to get fired up for their season. Right now we have a plan for three teams in Elementary.

Grade 4 Girls Team- Clearview B Girls

Grade 4-6 Boys Team- Clearview A Boys

Grade 5-6 Girls Team- Clearview A Girls

Teams will have a couple weeks of practice before our season begins.

B Girls (Grade 4)

Thursday January 5, 12, 19  –3:00-4:00pm B Girls

A Boys (Grade 4-6)

Tuesday January 10, 17 – 3:00pm-4:00pm  A Boys

A Girls (Grade 5-6)

Tuesday January 10 and Wednesday January 18  –3:00-4:00pm


Please pick up your son or daughter at 4:00pm from the school. 


There will also be lunch time practices scheduled once we have the schedule set up.

League games start the week of January 24th with the Tournaments happening afterschool on March 2 & 3. (Boys March 2, Girls March 3)