House Team Event Friday April 15

On Friday April 15 we will be having several events at the school.

1. Jersey Day- Wear any jersey to get house points, House t-shirts do not count as a jersey this day.
2. House Challenge- Each group will have a different activity that they participate in.
The activites are as follows-
Kindergartens- Spoon Race carrying ping pong ball
Grade 1-2- Tic Tac Toe Relay
Grade 3- Hoola Hop Spinning
Grade 4/5- Ping Pong Toss
Grade 6/7- Target Toss off climbing wall
Grade 8- Obstacle on Climbing wall
Grade 9-10- Wall Race on Climbing wall
We will be having these events at 12:40 on Friday and invite any parents out to watch. Each activity will only take a short period of time up so we are unable to set a schedule as it will depend on each event. The kindergarten class will start and we will move up by age from there.