WOW modules begin!!

Our WOW classes will start this Thursday afternoon – Oct. 29.  We will be doing a 6-week cycle where the students get the same course(s) once a week in the afternoon.  Here are the dates for the entire 6 weeks:

Thursday, Oct. 29, Friday, Nov. 6, Friday, Nov. 13, Friday, Nov. 20, Friday, Nov. 27, Friday, Dec. 11

The Theme for all the courses is “Christmas” and we will be presenting something at the Christmas Concert on Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 7pm.

This year, we have the following courses:

Guitar – Mr. Petrucci, Piano – Mrs Giesbrecht, Welding – Mr. Lehmann, Mr. Wuthrich, Mr. Friesen, Dance – Nicole Kelley, International Cooking – Ms Graham,  Sports/Fitness – Mr. Giesbrecht, Paper maché – Mrs Armstrong, Yoga – Mrs Bell, iMovie – Mr. Wilson,