Amazing Reading Challenge Results

92% of our elementary students and 43% of our secondary students participated in the reading challenge this month and accumulated thousands of minutes of reading. Congratulations to Miss Davis’ class as they won the pizza party on Tuesday, Oct. 29th for their whole class.

All students benefitted from increasing their reading fluency, establishing homework time, and enjoying some stories. Thank you for supporting your children with this endeavor.

The top three individual winners from each class are:

Room 202 Emma-Sue, Shaye, and Tyson

Room 201 Terrance, Grace and Lily, and Camden,

Room 101 Avery, Paige, and Corben,

Room 102 Charlie, Alysha, and Lucas,

Room 104 James and Philip, Katelynn, and Kayla,

Room 204 Raelle, Kayce, and Rebecca,

Room 205 Tayla-Marie, Tal, and Teneah

Students would elect Bob Zimmer if their votes counted.

The grade 3-9 students were eager to share their thoughts during the student vote on Friday, October 18th and Monday, October 21st. Thank you to Adaline and Emersyn who were the poll clerks. Thank you to Staysha and Teneah for acting as deputy returning officers, as they were responsible for counting the votes. Mrs. Viens and Mrs. Hartman were the scrutineers.

The students voted : 70% for Bob Zimmer, 10% for Mavis Erickson, 7% for both Catharine Kendall and Marcia Luccock, and 6% for Ron Vaillant.

Across Canada, more than 1 181 053 students from 7855 schools took part in the student voting. The students elected a Liberal minority with 112 seats, NDP with 98 seats, Conservative with 93 seats, Green Party with 27 seats, and Bloc Quebecois with 12 seats. However, just like the real election, the conservatives received the most votes with 25.07%, NDP with 24.84% and Liberals with 22.32% of the votes.

Some of the comments from the students were that it was an easy process and when they are older they look forward to taking part in it.

Voting taking place!

Volleyball Tournament Success

The Clearview girls’ teams took 2nd and 4th in the 3rd Annual tournament. Mrs. Cooper’s team played well but just ran out of steam against the Bert Bowes Grade 8 Girls team, in the final in pool A.

In Pool B, Dr. Kearney Grade 9 girls narrowly defeated the Upper Pine Grade 8 girls in an exciting match. Our boys team played in this division and they played well and got better with each game.

Thank you to the 10 teams that joined us on Thursday to play some volleyball and have some fun. We had 3 teams from Bert Bowes, 3 teams from Dr. Kearney, 3 teams from Upper Pine and a team from Freedom Thinkers. It was certainly a full house.

A big thank you to Mrs. Copes and Mrs. Webster who organized and ran the canteen for us! Thank you to those parents who were able to take a few shifts!

Thank you to Mr. MacLean, Mr. G, Miss Davis, Tanis, Parker, Morgan, and Maddie for reffing as it is not an easy job!

Thank you to Mr. MacLean, Mrs. Hiebert, and Mrs. Cooper for coaching our teams and the rest of the staff for supporting our coaches by covering their extra students. It was a real team effort!