• Grade 7 Cooking Program

    Grade 7 students are enjoying the opportunity to bake, cook, and create during their ADST course.

  • Exploring Science

    The grade 3/4 class enjoyed working on their experiments this past month. They created some interesting and thought provoking experiments.

  • Felting Creations

    Mrs. Cooper’s class created many amazing animals! They are using the felting technique.

  • Amazing Talent

    It was so nice to see and hear the grade 8/9 playing their song together today. It was the first time as a full group.

  • Hammer, Saw, and Build

    The grade 7 students are learning about how to make a plan and then build from the plan. They are enjoying the building and creating new things weekly.

  • More Butter!

    It was fun to make butter with both the grade 2 and grade 3/4 classes on Wednesday! They realized how hard it was for the settlers to make butter in jars and then with a churn rather than going to the store to buy it.

  • Making Butter with the K/1 Class

    Miss Vivian helped to show the students how to churn and make butter from whipping cream. It was a great experience for them and she will showing some more classes next week as we learn about the settlers.

  • Welcome Back!

    We are pleased to see everyone this morning. We now have enough snow to use our new sleds and crazy carpets. Please remember to have your child bring appropriate clothing as the temperatures vary greatly throughout the day.