• Yearbook Orders by June 4th

    It is time to order your yearbook. Leanne has been hard at work creating it and we have taken a lot of pictures.
    You can order online or send in a piece of paper with your order and the money.

  • Cowboy Up

    It is so nice to see all of the western wear today!

  • Clearview Cleaning Up- K, 1, 2, and 7-9

    Missed the Grade 5/6 and 3/4 classes although they were out there pitching-in too. Well done Clearview! It is nice to have all of the garbage cleaned up. Thank you to Mrs. Webster for coming to help out with the clean up and for bringing us treats too!

  • Creative School Wide Video

    Thanks Rik for the positive mindset and shout outs! The students had a great time last week working with you!

  • Pitch In on Thursday, May 13th

    Please dress accordingly and bring gloves for garbage clean up or pitch in on Thursday, May 13th. Classes may be doing this at different times. I will post times as soon as I know them.

  • Elementary Speech Winners

    Seven students stood up in front of their peers and presented their speeches today.  They all did a great job and learned a lot.
    The winners were:
    Brody Newsham 1st place
    Mary Leuenberger 2nd place
    Charlie Vibert and Kailey Amboe shared 3rd place.