Talented Artists

We have so many talented artists in our school! It is great to see their work hanging on the walls and in the classrooms. Here is a small sample.

Discovering Electricity

The students enjoyed learning how to create both parallel and series circuits and to build with electricity.  

Wear Orange on Thursday, June 3rd

Please wear orange on Thursday in honour of the children’s families and communities that have been impacted by the tragic discovery in Kamloops.  

Almost 500km and it is only day 2

Thank you to all of the parent support, Leanne for taking pictures and for all of the students who braved some pretty challenging winds especially today!  We now have 57 riders and have logged 500km […]

Children Vaccination

Children_Vaccination Please take a look at the above link regarding vaccinations for ages 12-17.

Yearbook Orders by June 4th

It is time to order your yearbook. Leanne has been hard at work creating it and we have taken a lot of pictures. You can order online or send in a piece of paper with […]